Starting your eCommerce or online business is often very exciting! So, the first thing that comes to mind is, we need to make sure we get paid from the products or services we put online. This is when payment gateway comes into the picture. 

What is Payment Gateway?

In simple terms, a payment gateway acts as the bridge to receive money on your behalf from the customers. It allows customers to make payments online via credit cards or other forms of online payment as well as payment over the counter like the ones you see in the stores. 

Great! Moving on to the next question, how do we choose the right one for our online businesses? Here is a basic checklist you need: 

  1. How much does payment gateway charge? 

Every provider has their own set of fees.  Take some time to compare these fees. Look for a provider that has a transparent fee structure and has no hidden fees. Don’t get overly thrilled with the lowest fees as it may come with impossible scenarios for the customers to achieve in order to enjoy the lowest fees. 

  1. How long before you receive money from the payment gateway? 

You don’t want to go too long without money of course. You need the cash flow for the on-going of your business! Always find out from the provider how long before they deposit the money from your customers to your business account. It could be daily, weekly or bi-weekly. The sooner the better. You may speak the sales representatives from different providers to find out more. 

  1. Is there customer support from payment gateway provider? 

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally you will get technical glitches here and there. Hence, it is so important to make sure the provider you choose, have a responsive customer support team and an assigned account manager that will be able to attend to you when you reach out to them. 

  1. Is the payment gateway provider PCI DSS compliance? 

PCI DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. It is a set of standards that ensures all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card details remain in a secure environment. You want your customers to feel confident that their personal and credit card details are safely secured. 

  1. Was the online payment experience seamless to your customer? 

When your customer is ready to make the purchase online, the payment should be as easy as 1,2,3. If it requires too much information, too many steps or too much time will cause your customer to turn away and shop somewhere else. Ensure that the provider has a payment page that is easy to follow and fast in processing payment. 


Finding the right payment gateway will take a little bit of time. But it is time well invested. Be sure that your chosen provider meets all the requirements below: 

  • An overall cost that is suited to your business
  • Provide fast settlement that allow continuous cashflow
  • Strong responsive support team to attend to you when you need them
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Seamless online payment experience for your customers 

Here at kipleBiz, we are proud that we met all criteria from the list above and more. We built with your needs in mind. We understand at the start of a business, cashflow may be tight at the beginning. So, we offer flexible fee charges where we charge accordingly to your transaction volume. To ensure continuous cashflow, we provide fast settlement in 2 days compared to our competitors who take 7 days. Our PCI DSS compliance is to give your customers peace of mind knowing that your transactional activities are safeguarded at all costs. 

In terms of convenience, we want to create seamless online payment experiences for you and your customers. For instance, allowing your customers to store their credit card details for a faster check out on their next purchase. 

kipleBiz allows you to do branding too where you are able to brand the payment page. A sharp brand presence will boost confidence and credibility in your market space. 

As you grow your business, we hope to be a part of the journey as your business partner rather than just a provider. To learn more about our service offerings, click here